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Dorothy Engelman

Welcome Our New Executive Director!

The Erin Kimball Foundation is thrilled to announce Dorothy Engelman has accepted the position of Executive Director.

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Dorothy Engelman has been involved in various community organizations and causes since arriving in St. George in 2009.  She is a member of the Three Corners Women’s Giving Circle, American Association of University Women and serves on the boards of the Downtown Farmers Market and Red Rock Center for Independence.  She served as Chair of the Washington County Democratic Party and ran for Utah House of Representatives in 2014. Dorothy and her husband, Gary, spent seven years living aboard a motorsailer on the Pacific coast before locating in St. George.

She enjoyed teaching high school for 22 years and spent most of that time teaching science in alternative public schools.  Her involvement in life-long learning fuels the enthusiasm she has for this new position as does her passion to assist those in need in our community.

Dorothy will continue to promote the mission of the Foundation to save lives and end the inter-generational cycle of domestic violence and abuse ,and work to expand the capacity of the organization. Although Erin Kimball provided 16,579 nights of supportive housing for 86 women and children in 2013, and support services only for another 38, the organization had to turn away 109 individuals fleeing violence. Mrs. Engelman brings her expertise and community involvement to the Foundation at a time when federal funding has been drastically cut and connecting community members to local families in need is critical for the health and vitality of this community.


Utah Women’s Giving Circle


“Congratulations! It’s a testament to the importance of your mission that the Erin Kimbal Foundation was selected for one of four grants out of 55 applicants,” Emily Caputo , Coordinator of the Utah Women’s Giving Circle shared in announcing the $5,000 award.  Focusing on empowering women and girls, the Utah Women’s Giving Circle brings donors and charities together to impact the health, education and well-being of women across the state.

The grant will assist women and their children fleeing violence in southwestern Utah with housing.   The Kimball Foundation’s H. O.M.E. Housing, Options, Mentoring, Empowerment program assists families to move from the crisis of emergency shelters to independence through rental assistance and empowerment support.  “With funding cuts and escalating need,  financial support from the community  is vital to the families we serve and the continuation of our mission,” shared Sue Kimball.  “If a woman has the courage to leave a situation of terror, it will never be okay that she is forced to return to keep her children from becoming homeless.”

The Erin Kimball Foundation provides a lifeline while mom gains the skills and employment to support her

family.  To date the organization has provided over 220,000 nights of housing in apartment settings and served 187 women and 415 children in the Five County region.   To learn more about services or how you can assist visit or call 435 627-9232.


Rock Chick Nation Award

Kristen Ashley, New York Times bestselling novelist and fans at Rock Chick Nation awarded the Erin Kimball Foundation $6,790 from the proceeds of their t shirt fundraising drive.   Rock Chick members were encouraged to nominate their favorite charitable organization.  The Erin Kimball Foundation, a regional transitional housing program for families fleeing family violence, was randomly selected from the nominees and given the Rock Chick Reward for their work with “causes near and dear to the sisterhood.”

The Rock Chick Reward was totally unexpected and an incredible gift according to Sue Kimball, founder of the Erin Kimball Foundation.  “To know that the influence of our work has spread beyond the borders of Utah is pretty incredible,” shared Kimball.  “There are so many experiencing abuse across the globe, but there is also a groundswell of support from people like Kristen and the Rock Chicks  who are shifting lives to health and peace.”  For more information on services and ways to assist the organization go to or call 435 627 9232.