Cook-out to benefit the Erin Kimball Foundation

The Spectrum is sponsoring a cook-out to benefit the Erin Kimball Foundation

Wedenesday, October 16, 2013 from 11:30 to 1:30 in their parking lot at 235 East St George Blvd.

 Hamburgers or hot dogs plus chips and a drink for a donation of $5 (or more).

Please join us for food, networking and building a healthier community.

Founded in 2002 by Sue and Don Kimball, the Erin Kimball Memorial Foundation provides transitional housing for families fleeing from domestic violence and directs them towards ending the cycle. It’s program provides housing assistance, allowing a time frame to gain emotional and financial stability in a safe environment. It helps these families create a safety plan, provide life and job skills training and refers them to many great community organizations where they can gain additional assistance. It believes in personal advocacy and each family’s right to choose their own directions through self-empowerment.